Friday, January 6, 2017

Bronte 3.4

Poor neglected second child's monthly updates get forgotten... Here's a brief recap of this past December in Bronte's world.

She did lots of drawing, including this large family portrait of us. As rabbits.

She really wants to ride her bike all the time, & made an attempt here. She got about a metre along the driveway, then her little wheels just spun out. Training wheels don't really help either.

After bugging me on & off for a couple of months after I dyed my hair, I finally coloured hers to match. I did just a patch on the top of her head, which created a streaked effect all around & in her bangs with the Punky colour. Since her hair is already so light, there was no need to bleach it.

I was actually amazed at how patient she was during the application of the dye & how she avoided touching it while it sat on her head. She was pretty pleased with the results.

The one consequence of dyeing a three-year-old's hair that I hadn't foreseen was that now everybody is constantly commenting on her appearance. It happens enough to little girls, driving home the gender stereotypes, but add in a bright pink hair colour & she gets even more attention for how she looks.

One of Bronte's favourite Christmas gifts was a decorate your own tutu kit from Auntie Sarah & Uncle Aaron. She insisted we do this shortly after receiving it & wore it around the house most of the day. There's a second kit that we still haven't done yet which involves decorating fairy wings. Both kits definitely require adult help but they're actually pretty good for a three-year-old, with chunky beads, buttons, & pompoms that have plastic tubes through them so they can be threaded onto the ribbon quite easily.

I'm really enjoying the fact that I've got a kid who's into crafty pursuits like I am.

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