Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Bronte 4.0

Happy birthday, baby girl!

Knowing little Bronte is now four years old is one thing, but it wasn't until she was riding her own new-to-us bike on the road for the first time with us that it really started to hit me that she's growing up. We managed to find a used 16" Islabike for her. The bike is actually ten pounds lighter than her 12" one. The larger wheels get her farther with each pedal stroke & the longer wheelbase means she weaves around much less as she's riding.

At four, B is an interesting, articulate little kid with an eye for detail, & endless questions about how the world works. She's empathetic & social, you might call her aggressively friendly. Her love of dogs has not dimmed a bit & I know it's only a matter of time before the pestering starts about us getting one.

I struggle with finding a balance between reigning in her rambunctiousness & letting her be assertive, but I think her fierceness will serve her well in life.

Oohing & Aahing at the ducklings in the PNE livestock barns.

"My ice cream has sprinkles, mama!"

"Helping" Viona scrub road grime off her bike with a baby bottle brush.

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