Monday, November 6, 2017

Bronte 4.2

 This past month has been a busy one for Bronte. She went to the dentist & willingly participated in a checkup & cleaning for the first time. Previous appointments she barely opened her mouth.

She has become a lot more interested in writing & reading, regularly scribbling some of the letters of her name on bits of paper & pointing them out when we see them when we're out. I wonder if she might be reading by kindergarten.

Her drawings are also getting more detailed & funnier, generally featuring people, always with a story of some sort behind them. I find it fascinating the details she uses to signify certain things in her pictures. Female people get eyelashes around their eyes, but not male. It's easy to identify pictures of her papa, as he always has zigzagging lines (wrinkles) across his forehead. Animals very often have many more legs than they would in real life & she carefully draws teeth on people & animals. Fingers are also extremely important.

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Little B is really into dolls, whether babies or her new Barbie & loves her stuffies. It's always an argument trying to convince her not to bring them to preschool, or to the playground, or wherever she's going. She probably spends more time playing with Lego & Duplo at home, however. I keep thinking that the kids are too old for the Duplo, then they start playing with it multiple times a day again...

Halloween was really fun this year. Both kids were quite excited about it & Bronte particularly enjoyed trick or treating. We stayed out for a bit over an hour & they got a mountain of candy, some of which was traded to the "Switch Witch". Bronte was quite pleased with the toys & craft supplies she got in exchange for her treats.

The other milestone we hit this month was having a family board game afternoon, where Bronte, Linnaeus, Oliver & I played a whole game of Monopoly Junior. It is a fairly quick game but both kids were pretty engaged in it for the whole time & Bronte won! I'm hoping we'll be able to play more games soon--I'm super excited to be at this stage already. mile

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