Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Bronte 4.5

Putting on EMLA cream before a blood test
Almost-four-&-a-half-year-old Bronte is now registered for kindergarten (eep!) & she's ready to go. Raring to go, really. She's still really interested in reading & writing & has started identifying letters in signs & printed material around the house. I don't doubt she'll love all the activities she'll get to do in school when she starts in September.

Her favourite toys are probably her dollies, but her favourite pastime is watching Mia & Me on Netflix. If she's not watching it, she's drawing unicorns, magic treasure maps, or singing the intro song at the top of her lungs. Actually, scratch, that, I'd say her favourite pastime is stealing my makeup & doing a four-year-old's version of a smoky eye. I forgot to latch the baby lock on the bathroom cabinets properly a couple of times in the past few weeks & we have some funny photos to show for it.

Bronte is very excited about the things we're planning to do this spring, but still doesn't have a good enough concept of time, so she keep asking if we're going on our trip today (it's more than a month away) or if she gets to go to soccer now (it starts in April). She gets bonus points for memory & enthusiasm, at least.

Checking Panda's blood pressure at BCCH
The past month saw two more blood tests & a visit to the pediatrician at BC Children's to follow up on her recovery from the septic arthritis she had just before Christmas. Unfortunately, Bronte developed a fear of needles after having so many procedures in the week she was in the hospital, so there was a lot of numbing cream (aka "snowman poop") before, screaming & fighting during, & then ice cream afterward. She got through it all & I'm hoping she'll work past the fear--we've still got her pre-kindergarten vaccinations to do in the next few months.

Bronte also had to take a three week course of antibiotics after she was discharged. I made a sticker chart to keep track of all the doses (we had to give her 14ml of the stuff 84 times) & help motivate her to take it. Thankfully she seemed to like the flavouring in it, so she didn't protest much.

Bronte has gotten to the point where she won't let us pick out her clothes anymore, which is fine. I find her fashion sense to be very entertaining & she's learning to dress for the weather. If you want to see her crazy multi-coloured pattern clashing outfits, I occasionally post them over on Instagram with the hashtag #PreschoolerFashion.

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