Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Review: Hiplok Z Lok Security Tie

First off: the Hiplok Z is NOT a lock that you should use to secure your bike when you leave it for any length of time out of your sight. They don't even really call it a lock, but a "security tie". It's designed as a secondary lock, or one you use when you only need the bare minimum of security to dissuade those opportunistic thieves who don't necessarily have bike lock cracking tools on them.

For the gram-counting roadie types out there, this is a great option, as it's very light, coming in at 20g. (yes, you read that correctly--less than an ounce) The Hiplok is also fairly short, so you may not be able to use it through your front wheel & frame--it doesn't fit around that space on our Yuba Mundo, but it does on my commuter. However, because they're so small, these locks are extremely easy to pop in a pocket or a bag when you're on the go.

Think beyond cycling for a minute--yes, I do occasionally think of things other than bikes, it's surprising, I know--to some other ways you could use a little security for your stuff.

We used one when we were camping on Newcastle Island last year to keep the infamously persistent raccoons out of our food cache box, since the little buggers have figured out how to knock sticks out of the hasp.

Hiplok can provide just a little more security to attach almost anything to a rack or railing--think snowboards, strollers, kayaks at the dock, kids scooters, or skateboards when they're not using them at the playground.

Back to biking, I use it to attach my helmet to my bike & to immobilize my rear wheel. Hiplok can help attach bikes onto car racks, as well as keeping other kids off your kid's bike at the playground.

You can pick these up at your local bike shop, like Velo Star Cafe. $29 for a two-pack

Disclaimer: I received two Hiplok security ties from VeloStar Cafe to review. I was not otherwise compensated for this post. The words & opinions are my own, as always! 

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