Wednesday, January 22, 2020

#Bike365 Challenge for 2020

My Tern GSD on the False Creek Seawall 
A few days into the new year, I was inspired to start another year-long social media challenge. If you've been following me for long on Twitter or Instagram, you probably know I love me a good hashtag challenge. I did #365FeministSelfie in 2014, I have participated in #30DaysOfBiking the last few Aprils, I decided to write a blog post every single day, plus a few others I'm forgetting the names of.

The reasons for these are generally the same: challenge myself to stick with a thing, use social media for both moral support & obligation to "stay honest", promote the thing in a small way by showing how I do it.

The plan this year is to ride every day of 2020: #Bike365. This challenge is, well, actually not terribly challenging for me, in terms of the cycling. I already bike five or six days a week usually. The real challenge is more about consistently writing & photographing my cycling. Biking is to me what water is to fish, & I often take for granted the aspects of it that are really worth sharing.

So if you're interested in following along, or joining in by chronicling your daily rides, please do! I'm mainly sticking to Twitter, though I may post some of my days on Instagram if I manageto get good photos. I've started a thread where I'll collect my daily #Bike365 tweets here, if you'd like to see.

P.S. You can still use the hashtag if you don't actually ride every single day of 2020--it's more about normalizing cycling for transportation than bike fundamentalism!

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