Saturday, March 19, 2022

Come Chat Family Biking with Me at Our Community Bikes WTQ Night

UPDATE: I'm having hip surgery & have had to cancel for April 6th! Hopefully we can reschedule at a later date! WTQ Night will still be happening without me though. 

First off, what is WTQ NIGHT?

Twice a month Our Community Bikes opens their doors after hours to women, trans & queer identifying people to use the shop & have the chance to level up their mechanic skills. 

Our Community Bikes (OCB) always tries to be a welcoming place to all people & genders, these shop hours specifically welcome people who may have felt marginalized by the bike industry as a whole because of their gender or sexual orientation. 

WTQ nights are staffed by women & gender variant mechanics. OCB recognizes that bicycle shops & accessibility to mechanical knowledge is dominated by hetero cisgendered men. WTQ night hopes to make this knowledge more diffuse amongst marginalized communities through peer based education.

WTQ happens on the first & third Wednesday each month from 6:30-9:30pm. OCB is at 2429 Main Street, in Vancouver. Drop by the shop staffed by women & gender variant mechanics to ask your questions & address your mechanic needs. Or you can browse for used parts, have your bike assessed for service, purchase bikes & accessories, Do-It-Yourself stand rental.

I'll be hanging out at OCB on April 6 & doing a quick talk about family biking from 6:30-7pm. Come by with your questions on cycling with babies, toddlers, little & big kids! Because space is limited, please register in advance (it's free!) for OCB WTQ Night on Evenbrite.

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