Sunday, March 27, 2022

Delivering Girl Guide Cookies (& Relive Review)

& a quick review...

Relive missed out on many cute pics
like this one of B on our way out

I saw a Relive video on a FB group recently & liked the data visualization & the way it integrates photos into the video, so I downloaded the app & tried it out for this ride. 

Unfortunately, although I took 20 photos in the app along our way, it only included the three I took with my camera outside the app. I couldn't find a way (with the free version, anyway) to edit the video I'd created, or anywhere along the process where I could have added more photos. 

When I tried to view the video in the app on my phone, it immediately crashed every time. I managed to see it by logging in on the website. But this was also a hassle, because the app had allowed me to create a video without setting up a password, but the website doesn't allow for setting up passwords, so I had to go back & forth from the app to the website. 

So, I'm not terribly impressed & unlikely to pay for an app that is this unstable. I may try again later if I can figure out why it's crashing, but maybe it's another of those apps that doesn't work well with Android. I wondered if I included too many pics, but the person whose Relive video I saw included far more than I did, plus video, if I remember correctly.

Have you used Relive? What was your experience like? Do you have another data visualization app like this that you use for documenting bike rides?

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