Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Family Biking @ WTQ Night - Our Community Bikes

I'm doing an informal talk about family biking for WTQ Night at Our Community Bikes on Wednesday, July 6 at 7:30-8:00pm. I put together a few images & resources I wanted to share in case people were curious about what family biking setups can look like. There are many other options out there, but here's a selection of the common ones you'll find here in Vancouver, as well as a few great low-cost options.

My Family Biking Evolution

2011: Started family biking with my then
10-year-old hybrid bike & a MEC trailer 
when my first child was nine months old

2012: iBert front seat with first kid at 20 months

2013: used Trailabike with oldest kid at age 3.5

2014: new Yuba Mundo longtail cargo bike with two child seats,
kids are 3.5years & 9 months

2016: used Bakfiets Long, kids are 3 & 6 here

2019: got a Tern GSD S10 e-cargobike when kids were 6 & 9.
It still carries them daily at almost 9 & 12 years old.

2022: got a used Bike Friday Family Traveller Tandem so either
kid (almost 9 & 12) can ride on the back 

Other Kid Hauling Ideas


Front & rear child seat are usually easy to find used,
can do DIY rear rack options for age 4+ like above
saddle strapped to rack, stem & small bars on seat post,
with BMX pegs for kid feet

Tow cables (red TowWhee on right) or
DIY option with 2 used tubes looped together (left)

"Bag & Drag" to tow a kid's bike when they get tired.
The child can fit on the rear rack seat too, mine tend to sit sidesaddle.
Note: They can NOT ride on their own bike in a bag & drag.


Vancouver Family Biking Facebook Group crowdsource info, buy & sell gear, meet other families

Let's Go Biking recreational ride ideas & maps

This Mom Bikes Calgary-based all about family biking

Two Wheeling Tots US-based reviews of family biking gear 

HUB Cycling Resources Page All about cycling in Metro Vancouver

HUB Cycling with Children Webinar recording of July 2021 webinar on Youtube

Project 529 Register your bike to recover it if stolen

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