Monday, July 26, 2010

16 Days to go

Yup, still pregnant. I'm still working on packing my hospital bag too. I think I've nearly got everything in there. I'm packing for a short stay & hoping if I need to stay longer, Oli can go home & pick up more stuff for me. Here's what I'm planning to take in or strapped to my small pullman suitcase:
  • Toiletries including lip balm, toothbrush & the usual stuff 
  • Change of clothes for Oli plus a swimsuit so he can get in the tub/shower with me
  • Change of clothes for me, including nursing bra & top, nightie for labour
  • A few outfits for Sprout, including diapers
  • Emergen-C packets to keep me hydrated, 'electrolyted' & healthy
  • Snacks for everybody
  • Blanket for Oli
  • Pillow for me (Oli can have one of the crap hospital ones!)
  • Spoons & 12" Pool noodle for massage
  • Rice bag heat pack
  • Car seat with receiving blankets to prop Sprout up & keep him warm (if this weather ever cools down!)
  • Camera & batteries
I think that's it. Have you got any suggestions of things to add? Or subtract?


  1. Oh boy! I'm excited to share. I brought way too much stuff to the hospital! Rolling pin, heating pad, cribbage board, you name it! But some things I used that you may or may not want to add are...

    Slippers (I walked around alot during my first 10 hours of labour and the day after Dexter was born)

    Phone & charger

    Pen/sharpie & masking tape (to lable food & drinks for the fridge & fill out various forms)

    Headband & ponytail holder (a must!)

    Happy packing Lisa!

  2. Thanks for the tips, Kim! I will definitely toss a sharpie & pen in there. Hair clips are in the bag & I'll be wearing some comfy Birkenstocks to the hospital. Have to remember to stick my phone charger in there too.

  3. Yah! A new blog. Although I have never had a child I have watched many women raise babies. I have subscribed and I look forward to reading.

  4. Awesome! Good to get some actual comments, not just lurkers. ;) Thanks for subscribing, Chris!

  5. You're better equipped than i was, back in the dawn of time. Me, I have to have a book wherever i go. Little babies sleep a lot. Also, try to remember to take the mayonnaise out of the trunk! Heh, no wait.... Dayna was born on the 29th of the hottest July in BC history. We'd had a picnic that day on Barnston Island, an when my water broke the mayo, et. al., was still in the trunk....

    Subscribed and reading. Have a wonderful birth experience! I'll be thinking of you.

  6. Yay! Thanks for subscribing, Celia!

    A book has been suggested by a couple of people, yes. Because we're with a midwife though, she'll discharge us as soon as 6 hours after the birth (if I'm ready to leave). We won't need to stay for the follow-up care for the baby that doctor-assisted births usually require you to do. That can be done at home when the midwife visits us the next day. :)

  7. Ikea slippers! $3.99 and you can toss 'em after you leave the hospital -- I got all kinds of ickiness on mine (and I'm nervous about hospital germs/viruses) so was happy to be able to get rid of them...

  8. Not sure If it's necessary as I too have never jad a little one but I think Alana found t useful to have a light houseboat to throw on. But it sounds like you're very prepared :) Can't wait to meet the little guy! Xoxo love Jane


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