Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In my natural habitat

We went swimming at Kits Pool last night. I have to say, I'm really feeling like a cetacean these days: floating in water is the only place where I don't feel unwieldy. When I get out of the pool, however, all that gravity coming back is jarring. I have a good idea how beached whales feel. I tend to prefer pools where I can walk out gradually with stairs or a beach-style edge, rather than having to haul myself up a ladder. 

It felt really good to get some exercise & the cool water was perfect after a few days of slightly-warmer-than-I'd-like temperatures. I did a few laps of aquajogging sitting on my fancy new pool noodle. It looks ridiculous: imagine me vertical in the water, pumping my arms & legs, moving much more slowly than the swimmers, with a pool noodle 'tail' sticking out of the water behind me. But the thing keeps my head out of the water & I get lots of good resistance training in without gasping for breath as I would be if I were doing front crawl or something.

Maybe I'll go one more time this week, since there's no Friday night Prenatal Aquafit class downtown, due to the holiday weekend. I think I'm addicted to aquafit! I was going twice a week until my neighbourhood pool closed before the new one opened to replace it.

I hope Sprout likes swimming when he's old enough to go... I'm really looking forward to getting him into a swim diaper & doing Mom & Baby Aquafit classes.



  2. Dex has one of these:
    and so far so good... made in Canada and super-cute!


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