Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things I want for Sprout...

These are some things I want for my child & how I think we can encourage/accomplish them:

A connection to nature & animals
  • camping several times per year
  • cycling & walking regularly
  • hiking
  • having a pet or two
  • going to parks & gardens
An independent, creative, active mind
  • reading a lot (Did you know you can get a library card for a newborn baby & it has NO FINES?)
  • watching very little TV
  • time, space & materials for drawing, painting, sculpting, sewing
  • opportunity to learn to read music & play at least one musical instrument
Strong relationships with extended family
  • close friendships with cousins & friends' children
  • visiting grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts & uncles as often as possible
Progressive sense of social & environmental responsibility
  • volunteer as a family for green & social initiatives
  • exposure to poverty issues
  • meeting people from other cultures/countries, sexual orientations


  1. I can help with ALL of those things.

    I like camping, walking, hiking and pets! I like trips to the library. I like teaching people instruments! I am a cousin/uncle! I am a queer! I know all about green initiatives. Me and Sprout are gonna be buds.



  2. Lovely, Lisa. Really nice goals. And I'd love to have some second cousin playdates once my little guy gets here, too!


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