Friday, July 30, 2010

The sling rings have arrived!

I had been planning to buy a Sakura Bloom sling, but after researching a little online & realizing how easy they are to make, I decided to do it myself. I'll follow the advice here to make it. Last week, Tuesday I think it was, I ordered a pair of 3" aluminum sling rings to make my own linen sling. The lovely people at replied nearly instantaneously to my email request about shipping times--since I'm on a bit of a deadline here--then sent out my rings just hours after I ordered them. Then I bought three metres of linen on sale at Atex Fabrics & waited for my rings to arrive.

The fabric I bought is twice as wide as I need, which means I'll have enough fabric for another one--if anyone's interested in buying a sling from me, let me know. I'll see how long it takes to make mine & figure out what I want to sell it for, but I'm pretty sure it would be less than buying one at a store or from Sakura. :)

Oops, the fabric shrunk width-wise when prewashed... only enough for one & a half slings. I guess I'll have to make something else out of it!

Here's pretty much everything I need to make the sling:

Update: I told you the sling would be quick to make! Here's the finished product, modelled by the lovely Ikea kitchen chair.


  1. Good going! Those slings look great to me. Your little guy will be so well equipped!

  2. Very nice. I'm beginning to wonder if now is a good time to start learning how to be a bit more crafty. You're a great inspiration! :)


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