Sunday, August 1, 2010

Getting the last few things done

I'm starting to feel actually ready for this baby's arrival. I've almost finished organizing, installing, decorating & rearranging furniture for Sprout's room. My hospital bag is packed enough--theoretically, unless I have a ridiculous light-speed labour I'll have time to put in one or two more things. The freezer is up on the deck, plugged in & ready for the easy frozen meals we hope to fill it with (got muffins & chili in there already--thanks Steve, Mom & Dad!).
UPDATE: Thank you to Klahanie & James, Jeremy & Faith, Ian & Shelley, Jane & Adam, Katherine & Darryl, Heather, David, Bryan for all the food you brought us! I'm not even sure what some of it is, but I know we'll be extremely happy to have it ready & waiting in our freezer when we are sleep deprived parents of a newborn.
There is some housework I've been putting off (I know you're all so surprised to hear that) yet to do & I'd love to frame & hang some more of our posters from our European trip last fall. Still haven't put the 'headboard' & bedside shelves up in our room yet. Plus there are a few sewing projects for Sprout yet to do: some really cute booties & a hat, another change pad cover, maybe some simple stuffies, a stroller handle console, maybe some clothes... I made a couple of tanks into nursing tops recently but I'd like to make some more nursing shirts/dresses if I have time. Seems like it would be worth putting some time into those, as I plan to breastfeed for at least a couple of years.

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