Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eat, sleep, poop.

I've never had more conversations about peeing & pooing than I have in the past four days. At the hospital, every time a nurse or midwife came into my room, I was asked if I'd peed recently or pooped yet. They would also ask about Sprout's wet or dirty diapers & inspect the log I was instructed to keep, tracking when & how long he fed for as well as details on what came out the other end.

Since I've gotten home from the hospital, the obsession with Sprout's pee & poo has continued. We are still logging the contents of each diaper (so we know how well he's feeding) to report it to the midwife. I felt an upswelling of pride as he has progressed from each stage to the next with rainbow-hued dirty diapers. For those of you who are unacquainted with newborns, we've so far seen black-brown, dark olive green, greenish-gold, yellow, reddish-orange--all of which are normal, amazingly. It's not just the colours, it's also the quantity that I feel proud of. Each day when he's reached or surpassed his 'quota' of wet or dirty diapers, I am sure I have a gifted child already.

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  1. It sounds a lot like what happens when people first start to feed their dogs raw. We talk about poop all the time as everyone strives for 'perfect bone poop.' Too funny! Keep blogging! It will be great to look back at this early time with baby and have it recorded!


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