Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Must... blog... about... poop...

I consider myself lucky to have avoided 'christening' so far, but poor Oliver has now been the recipient of a small load of baby poop twice. Today's incident happened as Papa was feeding little L his top-up. We are trying out the next size up of diapers & still need to get  the fit adjusted better, apparently. The leg leaked & Papa was distressed to discover poo had leaked onto his pants, the couch & even the floor. 

I wasn't much help because I couldn't stop laughing. Apparently six hours (total, in three 'bites') of sleep is enough that I feel a lot happier, but not enough that I can avoid dissolving into a useless pile of giggles at the slightest baby-related provocation. Poor Oli was a bit miffed that I just laughed at him as he opened up what might be the biggest mother lode yet in little L's diaper. I am so glad to have him home & to have a partner who is willing to share diaper duty, among other things.

It's pretty easy to laugh when it's newborn poo, as the stuff seems more like mustard than anything an older human might deposit in a toilet. Though perhaps it's just the new parent oblivion to/fascination with our progeny's bodily functions. I remember thinking months ago that I'd never write a status update on Facebook about my child's bowel movements, & as far as my sleep-deprived brain can remember, I haven't yet. However, I'm not above blogging about it.


  1. Poor Oliver!He always gets hit, doesn't he?

    I still like to tease Jonah about the time when he was a tiny baby, and exploded out his diaper all over me while I was nursing him...we changed clothes. then lifted him up to burp him, and he threw up all over me promptly! On to the 3rd set of Pjs.. this all happened at 4am.

    You've got months left of the diaper enjoy the blog fodder! ;) Maybe Oliver should put one of those kushies changepads, or a few receiving blankets underneath Linnaeus when he is feeding him? Babies often poop while eating, their whole digestive system starts going at the same time.


  2. & the hilarity continues... little Sprout just deposited two mouthfuls of spit-up on Papa's black t-shirt. Seemed very pleased with himself afterward, too.

  3. Honest are top notch. I've tried the other expensive brands and a few of the house brands and I keep going back (on my 3rd baby now). They fit great, they don't leak and they don't have obnoxious prints on them! Amazon can have some really great deals on them too! Watch for them and stock up!


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