Thursday, November 4, 2010

The new definition of success

Since having a baby, or since I was 30+ weeks pregnant, I've reassessed my personal definition of what makes a successful day. I used to have high expectations of myself. Sewing for eight hours, pulling off two stilting gigs, reading most of a book, cycling 80km, getting a laundry list of errands done, coming up with an awesome outfit plus doing my hair & makeup perfectly: these were the kind of things that I thought made a successful day.

Obviously, my priorities have shifted baby-ward & my own agenda is a bit more complicated to accomplish when I have to do everything for this little person who's now in my life. Not that I have to do it all--Oli is here & takes on his fair share of  the diaper changes, laundry, bottle-washing, feedings, burping, bathings...

Today was a success: I was dressed by noon, managed to get Sprout to nap after every feeding, had a good hair day, there were no diaper failures, went to an appointment all by myself by bike. (It's been about a year since I biked, unbelievably!) Yesterday was also a success: I made a few more things for my Etsy shop (pacifier leashes), watched a movie, bathed myself & the baby & got enough sleep that I didn't nod off on the couch by 9pm.

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