Friday, January 21, 2011

A dozen funny things

I've been compiling a list of odd little things my kid does. A lot of them make sense developmentally or I know other children do them, but it's hilarious to watch anyway.

  1. When I look at him & smile or talk to him, he sometimes gets a big wide smile & then turns his head to hide his face in the shirt of whoever's holding him, like he's faking being shy.
  2. He prefers playing with blankets to nearly anything else. A distant second are the plastic chain thingies. Probably because he can easily grab & manipulate them.
  3. Says, "Hee hee hee hee!" when very hungry & he can see the nipple but hasn't got it in his mouth yet.
  4. Doesn't show any right or left handedness yet, but always kicks a lot more with his right foot on the change table.
  5. If in a seated position on a lap, on the floor, in the Bumbo or propped up on the couch, he'll do a slow-motion dive sideways. It's not that he's falling over, he's intentionally trying to lie down or go somewhere.
  6. Lately when we've offered him the pacifier as we try to get him to nap in his crib, he takes it into his mouth, but doesn't suck, he just chews on it. It's quite hilarious how he furiously opens & closes his mouth like a little fish as he gums away at it. As soon as he gets teeth he'll probably chew the damn thing into bits... heh.
  7. A month or two later than any other babies I know, he's finally discovered that he can grab & play with his feet.
  8. Though he's at the lower end of the age range for his exersaucer & still requires a rolled blanket to prop him up in the seat, I had to raise the thing to the middle setting because he's so tall.
  9. If he's wearing overalls & sitting up, he pokes his tongue out constantly to taste the bib part.
  10. The brown hair he was born with has grown quite long, but most of it has fallen out except for the crown & a strip at the back of his neck. The top part looks like a comb-over, because even though he's grown a full head of hair, the new stuff is light blond.
  11. Though we put him on his belly daily, often several times, he will still only tolerate it for about three minutes.
  12. When being held in someone's lap, he does not like being reclined & usually fusses unless held sitting very upright.
What funny things do/did your kid(s) do? Or are there any odd things that you were told you did as a child?

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