Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Year's resolutions

What would a January 1st post be without mentioning resolutions? Theoretically, if I put them out here into the public record, so to speak, I will be a little more likely to stick to them. Here is my laundry list of resolutions.

  1. Improve my writing, specifically around punctuation. I overuse ellipses & really don't know how to use semicolons properly. 
  2. Blog &/or tweet daily. This might be a bit ambitious & could result in really tedious just-because-I-had-to posts, but I'll try to come up with something interesting every day.
  3. Spend more time making things. I need to get around to some of the projects I've bought fabric for, fabric that is taking up a lot of valuable real estate in my sewing room.
  4. Clean my house more often. To encourage this, I think I will invite people over more.
  5. Organize my sewing room better & keep it that way.
  6. Get rid of some stuff in boxes that have been unopened through several moves. I think hours of sorting, then a yard sale & several trips to the donation area of the Sally Ann should accomplish this.
  7. Research early childhood development, with the goal of being more mindful of how I raise my son & what preschool &/or elementary school programs I'd like to have him in.
  8. Complete four or more SFU courses in 2011 & maintain at least a 4.0 GPA in my Post Baccalaureate Diploma.
  9. Start hiking again. One of the things I really want Sprout to love is the outdoors, so best get started soon!
  10. Decide on bike trailer vs. centric child seat & get Sprout biking with me.


  1. I like item #10!
    We have a 2nd hand MEC single trailer and I LOVE it! I got it at the MEC swap meet in the fall for $50 - woot!

    I had a new double Schwinn trailer before (from Canadian Tire) and it was OK but bigger and clunkier - sold it off on Craig's List once I got the MEC one.

    We mainly use it as a jogger (even with the stroller wheel) but it's nice and multi-functional!

  2. In the spirit of Bob's Guide to the Apostrophe (you idiots), I present to you "Guide to the Semicolon."


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