Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It's been a while since I've written about the ongoing breastfeeding/weight gain drama. Three weeks ago Sprout was almost exactly 14 pounds. We were cutting back a bit on the formula top-ups & trying to breastfeed more. The following week, he'd gained virtually nothing. So I started nursing him to sleep & then doing a 'dream feed' in the early morning, about six hours later. I upped the supplementing, or tried to. Sprout started refusing any bottles most of the day until the evening.

With our history of feeding issues & weeks here & there where he didn't gain enough weight, I was worried he might not be gaining again. He was only taking about six ounces a day extra, which is what he was drinking the last week that he didn't gain anything. So I took him down to Ravensong today to check him on the scale where I last weighed him. & drum roll, please... he gained 11 ounces in the past two weeks! That is a little above & beyond the expected four to five ounces a week at his age, so he's caught up to the curve again on the growth chart. Whew!

So it seems we've found a routine that works: breastfeed on demand (about eight times a day), including nursing him to sleep, an early morning feeding & offering him as much as he wants from a bottle of organic formula twice in the evenings. This means I don't have to bring formula with me during the day when we go out, which is nice.

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