Friday, May 27, 2011

The Family Vehicle

This afternoon we bought the MEC double bike trailer. We got a good deal on one that had been returned (I suspect because it's so damn wide!) & bought the stroller kit. Since the trailer was already assembled, we just popped the wheel & handle on, then walked it home.

As soon as we'd eaten dinner, I put the trailer mount onto the rear axle of my bike. Then I clipped Sprout into his helmet & strapped him into the rig with a few toys in case he got bored. He fussed at being seat belted in, just like he does every time we put him in the stroller, but quieted down almost immediately. Hooking up the trailer was simple, then away we went!

We rode up Saint George, a bike route on one side of our block & headed up the quiet streets to the south of us. The trailer rides very smoothly & I didn't really notice any difference in how my bike handles. Cornering & going over speed humps is no problem at all.

The whole ride, Sprout stared out the side window, watching the world go by & it wasn't until we were almost home again that I realized he never gets to see that much, so fast (I was probably going a thrilling 10-20km/h). In the stroller, he faces us & the canopy is always raised around him, so he has a narrow view of everything. In the rare occasions when he's in a car, his car seat faces the back: his view is mostly upholstery & a bit of sky out the window.

I can't wait to ride to the farmers' market at Trout Lake tomorrow. We've got the bikes all set & ready to go in the garage. I'm looking forward to the ride, getting a pitcher plant, picking up some starts for the garden & most of all: crepes!

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