Friday, June 10, 2011

Linnaeus 10.0

It's hard to believe Sprout is already ten months old now. It's really starting to feel close to a year when we're at the two-digit mark.  Well, that & the constant stream of his little friends' first birthday parties on our calendar this summer.

Playing with his gum massager thingie in his 'renovated' digs
This week we finally lowered the base of Sprout's crib. I noticed him pulling on the bars when I'd sat him up in there as I was putting away some clean diapers. He still can't get up into a seated position alone & isn't pulling up to cruise yet, so I'm sure we had some time. Better safe than sorry. It's a bit sad to see him so far away when I stand over the crib, though. Another downside (at least until he starts sitting or standing on his own) picking him up out of there is a bit of a chore, as I have to bend in half to reach him.

Still no crawling yet, though Sprout seems to be scooting on his bum somehow. I say somehow, because I haven't actually seen him do it. He'll just have moved a few feet when I look, still sitting up. At the moment he's scooted himself up to the sofa. He's sitting there, with his legs underneath, face against the cushion, alternately squealing & shouting into it. Whatever amuses him, I guess.

His favourite toy of the week is some building blocks in a little wagon, from Ikea. He loves to pull them out of the wagon, one by one & chew them or tap them on things. Building with them is a few months off, I think.

Sprout continues to eat ridiculous quantities of food, particularly at dinner. Last night he put away nearly a whole container of leftover roasted yams & potatoes along with several meatballs. About 450mL worth. He seems to be trying to put on some weight before he starts crawling & walking...

The last milestone I'll mention is Sprout's first split lip. He & his best buddy Aiden were sort of roughhousing & Sprout bashed his face on the floor. I assumed he'd bumped his forehead again, where he has a perennial bruise, but then I realized his mouth was bleeding. Only a few drops, but the alarm bells rang in my head, let me tell you. I guess his sharp little teeth just went through the inside of his lip somewhere--I never could see where--but it stopped bleeding right away. Hardly any swelling either. I only noticed later while out for tea that he'd smeared blood on the shoulder of my shirt. Sigh. I've had every other of his bodily fluids smeared on my clothes now. The badge of a mama, I guess.

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  1. when I was a kid my mom didn't catch my ability to crawl out of my crib until I did, pulled a lamp off the shelf & caught my room on fire (thank goodness my sister checked on me soon after that). I'm glad you have set the bars down.


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