Tuesday, July 5, 2011

At the beach

Happy little sand monster
One reason I love Facebook: I noticed a friend posted as his status update that he was going to English Bay with his daughter & her friends. I wasn't necessarily thinking of going to the beach, as I'm not really a beach bum. But I thought, hey, it's a short bike ride mostly along seawall. Let's go! So we packed up Sprout, slathered ourselves with sunscreen & away we went.

The seawall was really busy, but thankfully pedestrians were staying on their side, so we didn't have to slow down to crawling pace & weave around them (like the part near Granville Island where it's not separated).It was a lovely ride in perfect summer weather--no need for a jacket, but not too hot.

Sprout loved the beach. He tasted his first sand & got himself very dirty playing in it. He had sand everywhere: on his face, in his shirt, his sandals, his diaper, even in the brim of his hat! I put so much sunblock on him that he didn't get burned anywhere, however, I think the sunblock helped the sand & dust stick to him. As did the melon juice from his snack. After a seriously messy dinner to add to the grime, he earned his bath tonight!

Here's a video of Sprout playing in the sand. I think a sandbox may be in our future...

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