Friday, July 1, 2011

Linnaeus 10.3

New foods this week: beet greens, sauteed in garlic; Plain pinto beans (Sprout's a big fan of beans in general); buckwheat pancakes with a tiny bit of maple syrup; chopped dried apricots; raw red onion--he liked this but spat out lettuce. Weird baby. His latest new skill is making a clicking sound with his tongue. He does it at every meal these days, but tends not to when he isn't eating. Sprout has started to try to feed us things a lot lately. He fed me most of his asparagus at dinner a few nights ago. He also likes to try to brush our teeth with his gum massager thingie. He's actually kind of obsessed with my teeth & sticks his fingers in my mouth whenever he's breastfeeding.

His favourite toy this week is Papa's glasses. Whenever the specs are within range, he yanks them off Papa's face & covers them in finger smears & drool.

Sprout is getting faster & can 'swim' (lop-sided commando crawl) across the room toward the hall where the cat litter box is in seconds. I got ambitious a couple of days ago & built my own simple 'guillotine style' gate between the living room & the kitty litter. Next step is either baby-proofing or moving the liquor cabinet. Sprout seems intent on getting in there & bangs on the glass doors constantly. He has hurt himself several times in the past week or two, getting small bruises on his head when he falls over backward & three--count 'em, three--fat lips from tipping over onto his face on the hardwood. No wonder the poor thing stays on his belly to move around: when he gets on hands & knees, his big head makes him tip over!

He has gotten pretty good at going from his belly, to all fours, to sitting. I keep finding him on hands & knees in his crib in the mornings or when he occasionally fights going to sleep at night. He occasionally makes attempts to pull himself up on furniture, but I think it's going to be quite a while before he's walking.


  1. Oh good call on the pancakes and pinto beans - we will definitely try those this weekend with Emily! I made her vegan blueberry carob pancakes a few weeks ago and she LOVED them.

  2. He's going to find all sorts of things in your house that you didn't know were hidden... ;)
    Watch the glasses...J also loved to play with my glasses. I found out this was a bad idea the hard way..after I had to replace two pairs. He would never stop grabbing them and trying to snap them as he got stronger and older. I thought playing with my glasses was harmless when he was so little...but underestimated his strength!


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