Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Linnaeus 11.0

Sprouty hit eleven months on Sunday & I've been too busy to post his latest update!

This week has been pretty exciting. In between Mama's performances at Summer Live, Sprouty figured out how to cross-crawl. So now he can make his way across a room in seconds, rather than minutes. (Though if he really wants to move fast, he'll drop to his belly & spiderman where he wants to go.) He showed off his skills at his best friend Aiden's first birthday party & I caught him on video.

He continues to pull himself up on the edge of the couch, but hasn't figured out how to get past a kneeling position. He seems fairly uninterested in standing whenever I try to put him down on his feet: when I lower him near the floor/ground, he'll often stick his legs straight out, parallel to the ground, as if he's preparing to sit. Sometimes I wonder if he'll be walking by 18 months.

We introduced wheat & eggs a few days before Aiden's big birthday, so Sprout was able to eat birthday cake. He's also had cookies, crackers, cheddar bunnies & a few different kinds of bread. He loves the dense rye bread we get from SPUD, but was fairly unimpressed by a white hot dog bun. He also tried some empanada today. Well, tried isn't that accurate. He ate half of mine & half of Aiden's mama's. Heh. This kid looooves his carbs: potatoes, any type of bread, banana, rice, quinoa.

Another eating milestone Sprout is hovering at is self-spoon-feeding. If we give him something like yogurt or applesauce or oatmeal, we'll load up a spoonful, then hand it to him. This past week I tried letting him go at a small quantity of cereal on his own. He seemed to get it a few times, but not consistently. He was wearing more than he usually does after we do the preloaded spoons, so I haven't tried it again due to lack of time for the mopping up process required. I want to give him the chance to practise at least a few times a week though, & I think he'll probably get better soon.

At the baby group today I weighed Sprout, to find he's 20 pounds 7 ounces. This puts him at the 45th percentile for weight. He's maintained that pattern for a while now, having jumped up from the 20th percentile a couple of months ago. I am expecting his weight to plateau soon due to how much more he's moving, but for now I'm enjoying the chubby belly he's grown.

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