Thursday, July 28, 2011

Toy making!

Sprout & his best friend Aiden with their new toys!
I love making things for Sprout. Sewing clothes mostly, though I've painted, crocheted & made things from wood. Today my friend Kirsten & I made toys: bean bags. It was Kirsten's suggestion--I think she got the idea from the course she took in preparation for opening her own daycare. She arrived with a wagon full of Aiden & a variety of dried legumes. I dug into my massive stash of fabrics & we picked a range of colours & textures to use. Shiny, smooth, bumpy, fuzzy, stretchy.

After a couple of hours of cutting fabric, serging the bags, filling them with rice, barley, split peas, lentils of various sorts, popcorn & beans, then sewing them up. I think they might have taken an hour had we not been chasing two toddlers around during this project. The end result was two dozen bean bags: each of a different colour & texture of fabric, plus different sizes & weights of 'beans' inside.

When I showed them to Sprout, he wasn't quite sure what to make of them. I can't wait to show him all the ways we can use them. There are so many games you can play with bean bags: throwing them, balancing them on your head, shaking them to make noises, stacking them...

Now that I've made lots of bean bags, I'm mulling over the idea of making them to sell. I have a table booked in the Blim Market at the Autumn Shift Festival (on Broadway to 12th Avenue, September 17th, noon-6pm) to sell my ANEW baby & mama gear. Would you buy bean bags for your child (niece/nephew/grandchild, etc)?


  1. my only fear with bean bags is related to cat trauma. my little sisters cat ate a dried chickpea years ago and it got stuck in her digestive track and it was major kitten surgery to have removed. i've only recently been able to work with dried beans again. this is my strange somatic marker....

  2. Ouch, I guess a chickpea might just be big enough to block up a poor little cat. :P Our beanbags don't have anything as large as chickpeas, but I'm going to inspect them for 'leaks' regularly. I did serge the edges, so there's a double seam plus the overlocking holding them together. Even so, I know they're not ideal for a kid as young & chewy as Sprout is at the moment, so he only plays with them supervised. So far none of them have gotten too soggy. :D

  3. Smaller beans are a good plan. I'm sure with all of the serging you will have them well attached. Don't let my irrational fear of chickpeas concern you! I love the idea of bean bags for kids. I think they go well with homemade puppets and other toys that kids have to 'make stuff up' around.


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