Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Linnaeus 11.3

This week's best milestone: Sprout has learned to wave hello & goodbye. So now, not only does he flash you his 100-watt smile, but he'll often flap his little hand in the air as well. He's also started reaching his little hand out to people--anyone at all. With the reaching, smiling & occasional wave, we can't get out of any public place without being waylaid by at least one person exclaiming over his cuteness. This kid's going to have an ego.

His favourite toy of the week has been anything he can chew on. He's been teething hard this week. His shirts are generally soaked unless I put a drool bandanna on him. Every night but one this week, he's woken up crying three or four hours after we put him to bed. He only went back to sleep after the acetaminophen kicked in. I hope it's just the teething & not a long-term change in sleeping habits, but I can't really complain: he slept through the night most of his little life so far.

Despite the teething pain, he continues to have an enormous appetite. He generally scarfs down adult-sized dinners & will sit there eating at any meal for an hour if you let him. This week's new foods: roasted stuffed green peppers, whole apples, a muffin at a cafe, french toast & scrambled eggs. He loves the eggs, which is awesome, because it's an easy way to get more protein into him. Still hates really cold things like ice cream & popsicles: he makes the most hilarious face when offered something frozen or even just straight from the fridge.

Playing at Marché St. George
Sprout's getting even faster on his hands & knees, including clambering over things like laps, pillows, a footstool & even the printer. He's also figured out sitting back down from standing: he just puts his bum out & plunks down, legs straight. He's slowly starting to cruise, so if the remote control is at the other end of the couch, he'll eventually shuffle his way over there. We need another baby gate, as our sliding door between the living room & kitchen doesn't hold him any more. Oh, & he's figured out how to get into Stimpy's only hiding spot in the living room. See video below...

Not sure if it was just this week, but we've seen his first tantrums. The last one he was kneeling on the floor, bouncing up & down, flapping his arms, crying loudly. I can't even remember what it was that he couldn't have, but I'm sure it was very important. He's also started physically resisting being put in the stroller. He arches his back, a la Westley in the torture scene of the Princess Bride.   

Despite the fact that Sprout will be a year old in just a week & his birthday party is Sunday, I've hardly done anything to prepare. I put it all off until after I finished my term paper this Tuesday. Once his first birthday celebrations are over, I'm back to the grindstone, this time studying for the exam. Still not sure that planning to take three courses next semester is a good idea...

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