Monday, October 31, 2011

Family entertainment the way it should be

We went to our first Disco, Baby event at Rhizome Cafe yesterday. Nearly every little kid was in costume for Hallowe'en & some of the parents were too. The costumed DJ spun--you guessed it--classic disco, just loud enough for partying but not too loud for tiny ears. This event, like the cafe, is very open & welcoming to everyone: admission is on a sliding scale--$2-$10--but no-one is turned away. There's lots of food & snacks available & Rhizome is licensed too. Being able to dance, have a beer & have fun with your toddler: a perfect afternoon baby event.

UPDATE: There's a Disco, Baby Facebook group...

Going to the parent-infant drop-ins, the story times, the kids' gyms & all the other activities out there for wee ones is fun for them, but let's get real here. How much fun is it for parents to listen to the same stories & sing the same goofy songs or sit on rainbow-coloured mats watching toddlers trying to yank toys away from each other? I think I had so much fun in the hour that we were at Rhizome because it had something for me too, namely dancing to cheesy disco & having my first winter ale of the season.

Oliver & I watched a number of Muppet Show videos on YouTube recently & we were talking about what a unique show it was because it combined humour for the parents & entertainment for the kids in such a great way. I can't think of many shows that have managed to do it so well, other than maybe the Simpsons. Now that the generation who grew up on the Muppets is having kids, it's high time they came out with a new movie to introduce it to the next generation. We'll be able to see how well they've managed the multi layered humour in about three weeks: The Muppets comes out November 23rd.

So am I a bad parent for demanding a little grown-up fun be mixed in with entertainment for my toddler? Rather than trooping from baby music class to storytime to baby swimming lessons, I want to hang out with a friend at a cafe that just happens to have a play area for kids. I want to have dinner in a restaurant that has great food & a children's menu too. So far I've found Little Nest, The Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company, Rhizome, Fray, The Outpost Cafe, Movies for Mommies. These are places where we get to be adults with a social life who happen to have babies, rather than just chauffeurs to venues devoted entirely to the under-five set.

Can you add any places to my list? 

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  1. Little kids entertaining activities and you just fulfilled your toddler's wish.


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