Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Linnaeus 14.3

Nori NOM!
This week Linnaeus has been wavering between one & two naps a day, oddly enough. He fell asleep by 10:30am a few times, which is unheard of--he sleeps about ten hours straight at night & doesn't usually wake up until 8am--going to sleep again two hours later seems weird. Also, on the topic of sleep, Kirsten has managed to get him to go down without the magic napmobile, even getting him to sleep in the crib.

That one eyetooth is slowly making its way through, no sign of any other new ones. Probably for the best to have a little teething break while Sprout gets accustomed to all his molars. He seems to be figuring out how to use them: Monday he actually ate the nori in his maki, rather than picking off the rice & avocado like he usually does.

The Ghoul family
Hallowe'en was a three-day affair this year. We all went to a party on Saturday night until 10pm, then all three of us slept late Sunday. That afternoon we went with our little bat boy to Disco, Baby at Rhizome. Monday Linnaeus went trick-or-treating in Kingsgate Mall while in daycare, then in the evening we took him out to four houses. I think he was a bit confused by the whole trick-or-treating thing, & he got quite frightened by all the fireworks on our way home. It was just seeing them outside that seemed to scare him. We could hear them clearly when inside the house but he didn't mind that at all & went to sleep easily amid the pops, screeches & bangs coming from all directions around the house.

My favourite new skill this week: Sprout has figured out how to 'play' the harmonica! He's been singing into it for a few weeks, wondering why it makes different sounds for Mama & Papa when they put it to their mouths. But this week, at breakfast on Sunday, he blew into it & realized how it works. Here's the video:

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