Monday, October 3, 2011

Linnaeus 13.3

Things have been a bit busy around here in Sprogland lately: Oma stayed with us for five days last week, Oli started a new job, I had another Etsy order to make & send off, Sprout's twin cousins' birthday party was Saturday (for which I custom appliqued two little t-shirts), we changed tenants downstairs (necessitating a day of cleaning & painting), my articles were due for Vancouver Mom Friday, plus, I have had a lot of homework, reading, labs & an in class essay.

Moon Melon. Photo taken by Kirsten Sikora
Sprout has been doing well at daycare Mondays & Wednesdays. Because it's people & a place he knows well, he hasn't really had much of an adjustment period. He just tends to get a bit sad & need more cuddles by 4 or 5pm when he really starts to miss Mama. Naps at daycare have been a bit of a challenge, as Sprout gets tired out earlier when playing with Aiden & seems to want to go back to two naps a day. The rest of the week he doesn't fall asleep until after lunch, generally. Hopefully that will work out as he gets used to it.

Molars number three & four have made Sprouty a bit clingy & fussy this week. They're coming in fast & furious now. Coupled with a very gooey head cold, he's not a happy camper at night. Not a lot of wake-ups, but he's sleeping fitfully. Despite letting him sleep in about an hour past when he usually would get up, I still had to wake the poor little nipper up to go to daycare this morning, .

Though he's had a cold & his appetite has gone down a bit (to what a normal baby eats) he still seems to be trying to catch up to his older, bigger friend Dex. I've had to sort out all his clothes & put away all by a few things smaller than 18 month size. I've also started to realize what big hands he has when comparing him to his two-year-old cousins. I think their fingers are the same length, but Sprout's are thicker... Looks like he's destined to have his Papa's weisswurst fingers.

As for new skills this week, Sprout continues to hone his cruising, often just casually using one hand to steady himself. He loves to be put on the floor upside down, doing a little handstand (with feet supported, then flipping down into a crawl. He's starting to climb everything that he can (not the bed or couch yet) & loves standing on his little rocking chair, leaning out over the back, bouncing & rocking with frightening abandon. He still shows no interest whatsoever in walking. I constantly hold him by the arms, encouraging him to stand & take a few steps. Sometimes he'll humour me with one or two, but generally he just bends his knees & goes into a crawl when I let go of his hands. Maybe he'll walk by Christmas?

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