Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas present arrived early...

I checked the SFU Student Information System just now & discovered that all my grades are now up. I got a B- in the Phonetics course that nearly killed me, a B in the Syntax course that I sort of lost interest in by the end & an A- in my Developmental Psychology course. This drops my cumulative GPA somewhat, a bit below an A- average, but I was seriously worried I might actually fail that Phonetics class, so I'm pretty happy. 

Also somewhat amazed that my Psych prof & TA managed to mark 256 exams (assuming everyone registered actually wrote an exam) between Saturday evening when the exam ended & this afternoon when they entered the grades. Besides the fact that the exams consisted of half short answer questions, due to a shortage of scantron sheets & no chance of getting more on a Saturday, many students just circled their answers on the question sheets. 

So now I can rest easy, no little worries in the back of my mind. Well, about school, anyway. On to the present making! I still have a lot of sewing to do for about five little people.

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