Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I love decorating the tree at Christmas, but this year was a little sad for me. Most of the ornaments I have were passed on to me from my Nanny & Grampy a few years ago when they decided to get a pre-decorated fibre-optic light tree that they could just take out of the box & stick on a little table in their window. This will be our family's first Christmas without both of them.

Sprout cheered me up though. It's hard to be sad with him around trying to undecorate the tree, sticking everything he can get at in his mouth, looking in wonder at the light strings & dancing to music after he insisted that I turn on the radio. Here's our evening in photos with a little video at the end:

The tree was fairly small, so we had extra lights

"Helpful" Sprout

He just wanted to touch the lights, again & again

Nanny & Grampy's best wooden ornament

The bear I made for Nanny...

...& the one I made for Grampy.

I love the tin tinsel from Lee Valley!


My prefab gingerbread cottage

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