Saturday, December 3, 2011

Linnaeus 15.3

Sprout is gradually starting to use words more often to communicate. Though he still squeaks & points a lot, he is saying "Mama" & "Papa" sometimes & "Ba" for balloon or ball or round thing, whether in real life or in a picture book. He sometimes says, "Ah-duh" when he's finished eating, which I take to mean, "all done". He uses "uh-oh" when he drops things, whether by accident or on purpose.

In the last week or two he's become very explicit about breastfeeding requests. He never was all that obvious about it as a younger baby, it was a lot more subtle. Nowadays, he climbs up onto my lap, looks directly at my chest, points at my left breast & says, "Dat."

He's standing more & more, strangely in places where it's more difficult, like on the couch, in the bath or on the bed. He'll sometimes get up from a crouch without using his hands & then stand there for a moment, in a bent-legged surfer stance.

I think that's it for this update, as it's been a rough weekend over here in Sprogland. Busybusybusy until Saturday evening, at which point I got violently ill all night. Was on the mend by Sunday, but as of Monday night, not completely myself still. Thankfully, Sprout & Papa seem to have avoided whatever nasty bug attacked me.

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