Saturday, December 24, 2011

Linnaeus 16.2

Sprout polishes off some pain au chocolat 
I'll make this one a quick update this week, as it's the holidays & we're busybusybusy.
Sprout's new words this week: 'bye', 'hot' (huh-tuh), 'apple' (apa), 'dance' (da), 'moo' (mvuuh). Also, ba now seems to include round clocks & light fixtures as well. Several evenings when Papa was at work, Sprout came to me brought me the phone & got me to call Papa. When he hears someone else on the other end, or a voicemail prompt, he actually talks quite a bit. He's doing tons of mimicking: "Do you want some apple?" (mom hands him a piece & eats one herself) "Mmm..." Baby: "Mmmm!"
Inching closer to walking, standing more & more, he took a step or two in the bathtub but I'm not counting it because there was water nearly up to his hips.
Sprout continues to be ecstatic about all the Christmas lights he sees on a regular basis, "Dee dee dee dee!". This includes the ones in our living room & on the tree, which he excitedly reminds us about several times a day.
Favourite toy of the week has to be his beanie baby puppy from Kirsten. It goes everywhere with him, he hugs it & holds it out to get kisses when we kiss him.
Sprout's been a bit more picky with his food lately & is no longer willing to eat anything tart like kiwi, raspberry or citrus. Orange-glazed beets got a no & sauteed mini bell peppers were too bitter. He nearly ate his weight in yams this week, plus several apples & has really been enjoying the daily advent calendar chocolates.
I hadn't been giving him milk that often as he's still breastfeeding & eats a lot of cheese & yogurt. However, he got his first steamed milk a couple of weeks ago & since then has been rapidly sucking back a big cup of warmed milk daily. Yesterday he asked to have some of my drink & since it was rooibos & no longer hot, I let him have a little. He seemed to like it & then drank at least 8oz of it from his straw cup.

Happy Christmas Eve!

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