Tuesday, December 13, 2011

To Dos for Christmas

I love Christmas, though this year hasn't been the most relaxing Yuletide season as of yet... I have a long list of things to get done (mostly gifts to sew) after I finish exams & work. I'm determined to squeeze in as many things on the following list as possible though, mostly for Sprout's benefit: (to make myself feel a bit better, I've included a few things I've already done)

  1. riding the Bright Nights Christmas Train at Stanley Park
  2. a photo with Santa 
  3. getting & decorating our Christmas tree
  4. putting a fresh evergreen wreath on the front door
  5. seeing the Trinity Street Light Festival
  6. sending out Xmas cards
  7. hand delivering Xmas cards to people living near us
  8. baking some cookies
  9. making more fabric gift bags
  10. making Sprout a few things (puppet, stuffie)
  11. adding ear flaps & ties to Sprout's hats so we can keep them ON him
  12. visiting the VanDusen Festival of Lights
  13. going tobogganing if it snows
  14. visiting the Peak of Christmas (Grouse Mountain)
What fun things are on your holiday To Do list? Have you got any recommendations for things a toddler might like to do? 

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  1. I noticed your lovely wreath while strolling by the other day! I've been meaning to get one as well.

    I'm excited for the German Christmas Market this year....and this time I will remember NOT to eat beforehand, so I can actually pig out while there ;)


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