Monday, December 12, 2011

List #3: 25 things I love about Christmas

Image: Joseph West Photography, on Flickr
  1. eggnog
  2. christmas lights
  3. people really are slightly friendlier on average
  4. giving gifts
  5. making gifts
  6. decorating the house
  7. eating all the baking
  8. really good chocolate
  9. mandarin oranges
  10. caroling
  11. red & green
  12. gaudy Christmas socks
  13. knowing all the words to the songs
  14. cheesy classic Christmas movies
  15. having a real tree in my house
  16. the smell of evergreens--pine, fir, spruce are all good
  17. visiting family
  18. eating turkey & cranberry sauce
  19. dorky santa photos
  20. more parties
  21. dressing up
  22. wearing the paper crowns that come inside the Christmas crackers for the entire dinner
  23. remembering how exciting it was as a child
  24. Stuffing stockings
  25. White Christmases (how rare they are on the coast, sadly)
- - - - - - - -
Why Monday lists? Reading the lovely Chloe's blog, Tea Swamp Park, I found an idea I had to 'steal': a list of all her Halloween costumes, with quite a few photos. She got the idea from Hula Seventy's List Project. I've decided to do the weekly lists for a year that Hula Seventy is doing. 

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