Friday, January 13, 2012

Gear: How to Catch a Star

What is it?
How to Catch a Star, a board book by Oliver Jeffers
(also available as a regular book)

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What's good about it?
Sprout really likes books & will sit on my lap for quite a while to read them. Most of our board books are very short, so I was looking for a slightly longer story in board book format, as Sprout is still not ready for tearable pages. How to Catch a Star is still mainly pictures, with just a line or two of text per page, but it's a bit longer while still being engaging enough for a 17-month-old kid. It also features many many stars: one of Sprout's favourite things at the moment. He points each one out & names it: daoh! daoh! The story is very simple, with lovely watercolour illustrations. It's a little fantastical (the boy apparently has his own spaceship) but covers a few points like patience, perseverance & creative problem solving.

Where can I get it?
I picked up my copy at Collage Collage, it's also available at the usual places like Amazon, Chapters, etc.

How much does it cost?

*I didn't get any incentive for writing this review--I just like the book!

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