Thursday, January 12, 2012

Save Money & Help Fundraise

Have you ever heard of the Green Zebra coupon book? It's like the Entertainment book, but cheaper & focussed on local, greener businesses in the Lower Mainland. It's often sold as a fundraiser by people like my friend Anita, who's raising money for her son's preschool. Each book sold nets $10 for the preschool.

We've bought Green Zebra books for the last two years & plan to again this year. We always save hundreds of dollars using them because so many of the businesses are places we already go, like Wee Ones Reruns around the corner from our house, or Famous Foods. Plus, there's a $50 $15 credit for Modo (the Car Co-op) in there--score! 

Check out the Green Zebra site for a sample of which businesses have coupons in it. If you're interested, please let me know & I can either put you in touch with Anita or I can collect a book from her for you. They're $20 each, good until the end of 2012.

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