Friday, January 20, 2012

Gear: Ikea Lekkamrat doll

What is it?
Lekkamrat doll

How does it work?
A soft, all fabric doll with movable jointed limbs.

Why is it good?
The doll is soft all over, so can't be used as a weapon & the best part: it's completely machine washable & dryable. So when your child inevitably drags it in the dirt or barfs on it, it's quick & easy to clean. There are three gender-neutral Lekkamrat dolls, one is caucasian, another asian & a third is black, a nice change from the overwhelming majority of white dolls out there. There are two sets of clothes available, each with three outfits that include both dresses & blue outfits, so the doll doesn't have to be a specific gender. I particularly liked the set that included a rain slicker, sou'wester & boots. I think this is a great doll for boys to have, as there are so few male dolls out there.

Where can you get it?
Ikea, in store only.

How much does it cost?
This is the best part: $9.99. This dolls is much nicer looking & better quality than anything else I saw when I was looking for one for my son.

*I wasn't compensated in any way for writing this review, I just like the product.

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