Thursday, January 19, 2012

Linnaeus 17.1

One of Sprout's new words this week was 'fork', but he can't do the R yet. It comes out as feck, fook, vuk... Add that to his pronunciation of 'clock' (kok) & we have the makings of some very hilarious conversations. His language acquisition is really picking up steam so I've lost track of how many words Sprout has learned this week. I try to add them to the list when I hear them at home, which isn't hard, as he tends to repeat the ones he's just learned over & over again. He's passed 60 words all together at this point. He repeats parts of what we say like a little parrot, all day. I've started thinking of when I'm going to quit writing them down. Studying linguistics & being a bit obsessive with tracking Sprout's development--I could be doing this for a while. Heh.

Linnaeus actually seems to be using more words than he really has the ability to pronounce. What I mean by that is he so far hasn't acquired s, th, j, ch, or r yet (which is normal) so a lot of his words sound the same, though he clearly means something different. For example, this week I've heard him say something that sounds like 'duck' when he was pointing at a dog, when he was looking at a picture of a duck & when something was stuck.

The walking, on the other hand, is still progressing really slowly. He's taking steps here & there between furniture, but still doesn't seem to be confident enough to just go for it yet. He has started to stand unaided a lot this week, possibly helped by the new toy setup: I moved a low table over to his play area & put some of his toys on it. Now he spends quite a lot of time standing there playing with his blocks, bead rollercoaster or xylophone at the table. He's distracted so he forgets that he's standing & does it more than he used to. I wish I'd moved the table over there months ago, frankly. It might have helped him strengthen his legs & work on his balance, maybe getting him to walk sooner.

We finally got Sprout to the open gym at Creekside & Mount Pleasant, going several times this week. He loves the balls, the little slides & being pushed around in the various ride-on toys. Sadly, the latter just gives us lots of exercise but doesn't tire him out much.

The past week we've been focusing on trying to get his daily 'schedule' a bit more regular again. Over the holidays his bedtime shifted to later & our meal times were often pretty irregular. His naps were all over the place & started to get later & later too, which made it impossible to get him to bed early--sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Part of the reason Sprout wasn't sleeping well is because of his latest bout with teething: his lower canines are making their appearance. I wasn't totally sure what caused the crying-&-writhing-for-an-hour-at-1am thing until he got pink cheeks a day later, then that sharp little tooth broke the gums the day after that. Once #15 & 16 make their way up, he'll just have his two-year-old molars to go. It's kind of amazing that he's gotten so many teeth in less than eleven months.

Also teeth-related, his mouth is finally all healed up from the fall he took a couple of weeks ago. His upper lip was quite swollen for a few days & he somehow managed to tear his upper frenulum in the fall, which was where all the blood came from. His front teeth look fine still, no discolouration, so I'm hopeful that he didn't damage the roots at all.

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  1. Poor little dude! Yea all the teeth seem to come at once and then you get a nice ooooooong break!


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