Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Potty Mouth

Fork photo: Il Primo Uomo
on Flickr.
Despite overhearing the occasional 'bad language' from both of his parents since he was born, Sprout hasn't started using any of those words to get attention. However, his pronunciation of the words for fork, stick & clock are inadvertently a bit profane. Obviously consonant clusters like r+k, s+t & k+l are difficult for a baby, so the fork & clock come out as fuk & kok. On top of the cluster reduction, he also tends to voice initial consonants, so the t in stick comes out as a d, producing dik. None of these words embarrass me in the least, I just find it hilarious that he's waving a Swiffer around & repeating dik, dik, dik!

So far, because he tends to talk less when he's out & with people he doesn't know as well, he hasn't blurted any of these gems out loud to anyone who might possibly be offended. I suspect that's coming though...

Do your kids have any hilarious pronunciation of words like this? Or have you got a story where they embarrassed you with potty mouth?

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