Sunday, January 22, 2012

Technical difficulties?

Hello Sprog readers!

I've gotten a message from a reader that this blog wasn't working on mobile devices. Then this morning, Papa Sprog couldn't scroll down to read the post on his phone. This is particularly weird, as I can read it on my phone & we have the same model on the same family plan, even.

So I thought I'd ask you if you've had any issues accessing the blog here, either on your mobile device or with a particular browser. Is there any part of the blog that doesn't work or looks funny? I'm not sure I can fix the access issues, but I will try. I may also be able to fiddle with format to make the blog work better if it's displaying oddly.

& while we're at it, what do you think of the newish layout that I rolled out a couple of months ago? Do you like Blogger's Dynamic views? Did you know you can change how you view the blog? Just bring your mouse over to where it says 'Magazine' on the left of the black tab bar & the menu will appear like in this screenshot. There are several different options. I have it set to Magazine because that's the setting I prefer, but you can try Flipcard, Mosaic or one of the other Dynamic Views & see how you like it.

I look forward to hearing your feedback!


  1. My thoughts on the subject - I think anything that prevents people from reading your blog easily will be a detriment. When I see a link on twitter and click it, I am told I can't read your blog on mobile devices. If I didn't have your feed coming into google reader I would never remember to go back and read it when I got to a computer. I think it is human nature that things have to be easy or we won't do them.

  2. I totally agree, which is why I post to Twitter & FB. I have no idea why you can't see the mobile version though. It's been enabled for months, my stats show I'm getting some traffic via Twitter & I can't find anything in Blogger Help or online forums, except that other people with iPhones sometimes can't seen the mobile site. When I followed the link for today's post via Twitter on my Android it went to the mobile blog, no problem. I'll ask my other friends with iPhones if they've had issues too...

  3. it just ate a comment I was trying to leave about the difficulty of leaving comments. seriously?!?

    But it's a pain because even if you hit 'publish' you are really only previewing and the preview screen on chrome is a pain and I've totally not clued in before and as a result, not left comments that I've typed in. And the fact that I've now left this comment twice shows it's a bit funky.

    1. LOL, how frustrating! Think I've done the same thing. I think the preview function is pretty universal, as far as I recall, Typepad & Wordpress do the same thing. Blogger might be extra specially buggy with the newish Dynamic Views, I guess. I'm mostly just hoping to sit tight until they sort it out... :P


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