Thursday, February 2, 2012

Linnaeus 17.3

This week saw haircut number two. Sprout's hair was getting in his eyes again, so we had his hair stylist, Uncle Mikey, come over to cut it. We went for a short cut this time, using the clippers to shave the back & sides, then snipping the top into a very 50s style. The clippers made the job much faster--Linnaeus sat still for two episodes of Waybuloo on Mama's netbook & we were done.

The words are still coming in fits & starts & his vocabulary has passed 100 words now. It's a bit unnerving to be reminded constantly that a little someone is listening, when he repeats one of the words you just said 15 seconds ago. One thing he's not saying very clearly is his catch-all word for 'I want that': ahmah. He is starting to request specific foods now, rather than just saying ahmah & expecting us to play an elaborate game of 20 questions to divine his desires. He's also been combining two or three words together occasionally, like "Papa hat off!" or what sounded like, "I'm done!" when he wanted to get out of his high chair.

Another thing he's been saying & doing this week is holding something out to give it to me, then when I reach out to take it, he pulls it back & says, "No." I assume this is part of the process of asserting independence, etc, & I find it pretty funny every time he does it.

I think we've reached the point where Sprout is walking as much as he's crawling. It's hard to say exactly, because he covers a lot more distance & much faster when crawling. When he walks it's hands out, inching along, as if he's walking over a shaky log across a river. He's still climbing everything he can get at & will move chairs over to something up high so he can access it. His current favourite thing to try to get at is a little ceramic cow creamer in a glass cabinet. Silly Mama made the mistake of taking it out of the cabinet & showing it to him once, so he demands to see it on a regular basis. When he gets his hands on it he either identifies it as a dog or a huss, but when I tell him it's a cow he'll repeat the word, then say "mooo!"

Things that made me laugh this week:

  • When Sprout hears the kettle, he imitates it, saying "Eeeeeeeeeeee!"
  • He kept telling me to be quiet when I was nursing him to sleep by popping off, putting his finger to his lips & saying, "Shhhhh!" repeatedly.
  • Sprout walking around the living room, playing with a toy, saying "Shit!" over & over again.
  • Constantly having toy animals held up to my mouth & being expected to kiss them.
  • Hearing the snorting noises Sprout makes for at least 30 seconds if anyone mentions the word pig.

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