Saturday, March 17, 2012

Linnaeus 19.1

As I go into my last month of the semester, I'm getting really busy with midterms, projects & assignments, so I'll keep this update relatively brief.

New this week:
  • nodding yes (he's been shaking no for ages, wonder why nodding took so long?
  • reciting numbers one to four (I don't think he actually understands counting yet though)
  • asking to go on the 'fings' at the 'paok' as soon as he's had his morning noms
  • repeating & using phrases like 'pick it up' or 'go get it'
  • throwing cups, shoes & toys
  • asking for mama when I'm not here during the day
  • 'tuning' his ukulele: he's figured out how to turn the tuning pegs so it's now REALLY out of tune
  • going down for naps & to sleep more quickly (on average--it varies day to day)
Favourites this week:
  • toy: his Playmobil set. He sticks the on his finger & says 'tweet tweet', makes the horse gallop all around the house or kiss other horses (on computer videos), he sucks on the feet of the two little people.
  • book: he calls it 'town' (The Sounds Around Town)
  • food: bran muffins
  • drink: milk. He always asks for whatever we're drinking, but will settle for variations on milk: sometimes cold & plain, sometimes heated with vanilla, sometimes with a little cocoa or Krakus in it, sometimes with some rooibos tea.
Here's a short video of Sprout at breakfast. He's eating his beloved bran muffins & telling me what he wants to do with his day. 

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