Thursday, April 5, 2012

The 80s are BACK with a Vengeance: Coloured Denim

photos: Evaan Kheraj
I read an article in the Georgia Straight recently all about a hot trend for this year: coloured denim. Wait, wait, wait, this isn't new, right? Those solid brights have been around for a few years. It's true, but writer Sarah Rowland assures us that colours & prints are really going to be huge this year. I like that she offers some ideas for those of us with actual bums & hips (unlike the stick women in the photos) who'd look, well, less than fashionable in pastel bottoms. Another great piece of advice in the article is if you're going to throw down the gauntlet & buy yourself some coloured python print jeans, don't spend a lot. They just might look a little dated next year. However, none of the jeans mentioned in the article really qualify as affordable, in my opinion.

So I have an idea to get some interesting spring-y denim on the cheap! Read more after the jump...
While I actually like the idea of python print, I also like the dye-splattered look of the Paige Denim jeans pictured on the right & I think they could be DIY'd. I'd likely get something that would fit me better, come to think of it, as I know those jeans are too low-rise for me to sit, squat or bend over (the mother-of-a-toddler things I do all day) without exposing a lot of my ass.

I think I could find some cheapo light jeans at a thrift store, bleach them out & maybe tailor them a bit if needed. Then if I stuffed them with plastic bags & hung them on the deck out back, I could chuck dye at them in two or three colours, ending up with something like the picture. This would likely set me back less than $20 for dye, colour remover or bleach & the jeans themselves: a mere 10% of the price of the Paige Denim version.

What do you think of the coloured & print jeans trend? Will you be wearing it this year? Got any DIY ideas for a custom pair for yourself?

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