Friday, April 27, 2012

Review: Spöka Night Light

What is it?
Spöka Night Light

How does it work?
Press the top of its head once, it turns on & rotates through several colours. If you want to stop it at one particular colour, press it again. Once more to turn it off.

Why is it good?
Spöka is rechargeable, once charged, you can remove the cord & place it anywhere in the room. The socket for the charging cord is small & well protected, so it's difficult for little fingers to poke around inside. The colour LEDs inside last for years & don't use a lot of power, so it doesn't need to be charged that much. The outside is silicone, so it's quite durable & very shock resistant. The whole unit is sealed so kids can't get into it & it never gets hot, so they can't burn their fingers on it. You can wipe it off if it gets dirty (which it occasionally does because Sprout likes to carry it around & play with it). Spöka comes in two styles: oval white with blue features or round white with pink.

Where can I get it?
Ikea, of course.

How much does it cost?

*I received no compensation to write this review. We bought Sprout a Spöka a couple of years ago & he really loves it now.


  1. i bought one and it always turns itself off after 10 minutes or so. Have tried charging all day, but still turns itself off relatively quick, any ideas?

    1. Our original one is still going strong & only needs charging maybe once a week. It definitely lasts at least a few hours on a charge. Sounds like yours might be defective. Can you return it?


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