Thursday, April 26, 2012

Linnaeus 20.2

Mount Pleasant Family Centre's train table.
Lots of new stuff this week:
  • Sprout is now doing the actions that go along with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, which he's learned from song time at sentoo (the Mount Pleasant Family Centre)
  • He's now singing along with strumming his ukulele
  • From the moment he gets up to the moment he falls asleep at night, he's constantly requesting we sing him his favourite songs (ECD=the ABC song, tinko-tinko=Twinkle Twinkle)
  • Sprout's picking up manners: he says genku (=thank you) when he receives AND gives things
  • He says hi to kids & a few adults everywhere we go & thinks nothing of approaching a group of teenagers & walking off with their soccer ball
  • Which leads me to his latest 'sporting' achievement: he's starting to actually kick soccer balls, rather than just carrying them around
  • Sprout's new favourite book is The Airplane Ride, about a little boy from Vancouver who flies across Canada with his parents.
  • He has finally got the hang of regular sippy cups, which is a boon to us, as the take & toss variety that we've bought a few of are much easier to clean than the straws & valves & sliding lids of the Playtex straw cups. Also less of a worry if we lose one on the road, as they're $5 for four.
  • Kiddo's loving the apples this week & keeweets are also a big hit.
  • Walking continues to excite Sprout & though he loves stroller rides, he'll often demand to walk instead. Biking continues to outrank both walking & stroller riding, however.
 Here's a short video of Sprout doing some window shopping on Main Street recently.

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