Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring has sprung

Okay, I'm officially calling it. Spring has sprung. We've had several days of weather with temperatures in the double digits & even a tiny bit of sun between epic hailstorms & rain showers. We got out in the back yard a bit on Friday, wearing just fleece hoodies! Here's what we got up to.
Sprout still doesn't understand the 'no hands' rule for soccer. He runs over & picks it up every time. Maybe he's destined to be a goalie?

More photos after the jump...

Just missed catching Sprout bashing the Italian parsley with a cultivator. He loves poking around (literally) in the garden. 
 Some baby radishes that Oli planted two weeks ago. We're hoping to have some actual radishes fairly soon.
I love playing with the macro setting on my G12. Maybe when I have a bit more time I'll pull out Grampy's lovely old mechanical Konika & shoot a roll or two of actual film.
 Sprout calls this his 'fork' & always holds it like that.
Grabbed a couple of veggie starters at Buy Low. These are romaine lettuce; we also got brussel sprouts.
 These boots are Sprout's favorite footwear. He asks to put them on constantly & I think he'd sleep in them if we let him.
Some 'old growth' kale from last year. Are these supposed to last this long? If we leave it, I think it's going to grow bigger than the neighbours' windmill palms...

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