Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Confessions of the sewing kind

Sewing Fisherman's Wife, by Anna Ancher.
I've been hand sewing since I was five years old & using machines since I was nine & my mother finally gave in to my relentless begging, letting me use her Singer. Despite all my years of experience & some formal training (high school sewing class, anyway), I am a lazy sewist. I want instant gratification, I want to finish an entire project during one of Sprout's naps. 

When I read this blog post on making an infinity dress on Knuckle Salad, I realized this could be my perfect next project. It has a great payoff--new dress!--with fairly minimal time investment. I think it might actually be breastfeeding compatible too. Though Sprout doesn't usually ask to nurse when we're out, I don't really want to have to change my clothes when I'm home just so it's easier to breastfeed. Generally this is at the expense of my fashion sense & I end up wearing stuff that's boob-access-friendly instead of funky. Most of my dresses are languishing in the closet.

If you're curious about the infinity dress, Wikipedia has a bit of info on its creator (though it's debatable who actually invented it & likely that many people came up with the design independently). To give you an idea of what an infinity dress looks like, here's a video with a few options of many ways to wear it:

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