Sunday, May 27, 2012

Exercise Challenge: Month 2, Week 3

In case you hadn't noticed, I've decided to stop posting my exercise challenge 'confessions' on a daily basis. I'll see if a weekly post keeps me accountable just as well. This past week was all about the cycling--I hardly walked anywhere.

So, on to the details. Sunday & Monday my only exercise was assembling Sprout's activity centre in the back yard. The pushing, pulling & hammering has to count for some exercise. I was even a bit sore the next day, actually. I didn't keep track of the time at all, so I'll call it a half hour total.

Tuesday we were back on track with a bike ride to do some errands. I planned it so that I wouldn't even have to get off my bike for some of the stops: using the book drop outside Mount Pleasant Branch Library & the ATM at Centrepoint Mall. For the Whole Foods leg of the trip we had to get off & lock up, but I've got the hang of balancing Sprout in the iBert while I lock up the bike. If I let him out first, he tends to run around--the intersection at 8th Ave & Cambie isn't really somewhere I want him to be loose when I'm busy! The ride amounted to 26 minutes.

Wednesday we biked to Hillcrest Pool for a swim. The ride was about 20 minutes, round trip. I tried to do some swimming--pushing Sprout around on a float--but he didn't last long enough for it to count, really.

Thursday not a lot of exercising was done. However, Friday we biked to the Aquarium to see the new penguins. The round trip was about 75 minutes.

Saturday we spent most of the day at the Bike Show & Shine at the River Market, volunteering for Modo. While I did get to ride a pennyfarthing for a few minutes, we didn't actually bike to the event--we got a ride. Later that evening we biked to a party & back again. That was 50 minutes total.

 Weekly total: 201 minutes. Nine minutes short of the goal of three & a half hours.

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